Best Tips to Move Washing Machine Interstate

Move Washing Machine Interstate

Have you planned to move to a new location? Are you planning to move your washing machine and dryer with you? We believe you’re ready for some hard work and extra efforts. Because almost all the washers and dryers weigh 200 pounds or more on an average. We highly suggest you employ professionals like Pro Interstate Removalists to move and pack your washer and dryer.

Furthermore, transferring a washing machine and dryer frequently necessitates the use of particular safety procedures and the right equipment & tools. Therefore, bringing in specialists to move a washer and dryer may be worth the money for safety reasons as they hold the experience and skill to relocate your washing machine without any damage.

Well, if you are not planning to hire movers, consider enlisting the help of a friend or two to carry and transfer the weight. This blog will unfold some of the best tips you must follow to relocate your washing machine and dryer with utmost safety and security. So, let’s get through it!

  • Arrange Your Helping Team

Arrange Your Helping Team

Due to the tremendous weight and vast size of the home appliance, relocating a washing machine on your own is too unsafe. “By yourself” in this situation does not imply that you are supposed to do that difficult activity totally on your own. To transport a washing machine from one residence to another, you’ll need at least a couple of assistants.

If you intend to relocate without the assistance of a professional removalist, find a buddy or shifting partner to assist you during the process. However, we always recommend hiring an expert crew who would not only move your washer and dryer safely but also use appropriate techniques and equipment to do so.

  • Buy Or Lease An Equipment Trolley

Buy Or Lease An Equipment Trolley

Knowing the estimated weight of a washing machine which would be 100 pounds or more, you should be aware that you won’t be able to lift and move the home equipment with just your hands. It isn’t possible. This is why you’ll need a relocation dolly to safely and effectively wheel the bulky object out of your existing home, put it onto the moving vehicle, and transfer it to your new apartment or house.

A local firm or a local truck rental service can provide you with an appliance dolly. Alternatively, you might make a wise investment and buy a moving dolly for yourself, ensuring that you have that extremely handy piece of moving equipment every time you need to relocate.

  • Vacant Your Washing Machine and Comprehensively Cleanse It

Vacant Your Washing Machine and Comprehensively Cleanse It

It’s a smart idea to cleanse a washing machine before relocating it. Running a vacant wash on the warmest cycle is the ideal way to clean your washing machine. Also, try to utilize cleaning agents like bleach or white vinegar instead of your standard laundry detergent or powder for an effective result. This will ensure a thorough cleaning. Finally, open the valve and let the machine dry for 24 hours when the cycle is complete. A clean and empty appliance is easy to relocate and less bulky to load and unload.

  • Turn Off the Water & Electricity, And Disconnect The Appliance

Turn Off the Water & Electricity, And Disconnect The Appliance

You can now switch off the water supply because your appliance is clean and dry. Rotate the water supply valves clockwise to accomplish this. After you’ve finished, go to your house’s electric panel and turn off the electricity to your machine. This will enable you to unplug the power source to your home safely. It is very important to turn off the power supply and disconnect the electronic appliance as it reduces the risk of any sort of accident or inconvenience.

  • Detach The Water Supply Pipe And The Faucets

Detach The Water Supply Pipe And The Faucets

After you’ve disconnected the washing machine and turned off the power supply, you can disconnect the water supply line from the external valve. These valves are usually mounted on the wall behind your machine. Before disconnecting the valve attached to your machine, ensure to unhook the wall valves.

You’ll need to turn the line connection anti-clockwise in both cases. If the fitting is excessively tight, a pair of slip-joint pliers will do the task. During the hose disconnection process, you can come upon some water that hasn’t completely drained away. As a result, ensure that you have a pail or absorbent material handy.

  • Lodge Washing Machine Transit Bolts

Lodge Washing Machine Transit Bolts

We strongly recommend avoiding moving a washing machine without transport bolts since it poses a major risk of damage. However, washing machine’s transit bolts are an essential piece of machinery for safely transporting your washing machine. A washing machine is a complicated machine with a lot of moving parts.

The drum suspension of your washing machine, in specific, is vulnerable to harm if the washing machine transport bolts are not correctly fastened. Placing the transit bolts on your washing machine will secure the drum, protecting the suspension and other parts.

Washing machine transit bolts have different installation instructions depending on the unit. As a result, we suggest checking your installation manual for assistance with this step. However, once your relocation is accomplished, make sure to remove the transit bolts since they can significantly harm your machine if you start a wash cycle with them still in place.

  • Move Your Washing Machine Using Appliance Dolly

Move Your Washing Machine Using Appliance Dolly

You’re practically ready to relocate your washing machine now that your transport bolts are firmly in position. However, before packing your machine in secure wrapping, it’s a good idea to give it a once-over wipe down.

If you hire expert washing machine removalists, they’ll have all the necessary packing materials available. Bubble wrap will suffice in all other cases. Working as a team is highly suggested when transporting a washing machine, as it is with any hefty item.

Start by moving your washer and dryer away from the wall when you’re ready to go on. Then, when you have adequate space, slowly tip the washing machine backward until you can slip your moving cart beneath. Once you’ve finished, use straps to secure the machine while you make your way to your moving car.

  • Place Your Washer In A Vehicle Vertically & Fasten It

This step among the relocation process of a washing machine necessitates a high level of physical fitness in order to be completed securely. You must move your washing machine into the moving van while maintaining its upright and secure position.

We suggest securing your washer in place once you’ve carefully loaded it onto your trailer or moving van to reduce the amount of abrupt movement your machine is subjected to. This is the most effective approach to safeguard your machine from harm while in transit.


If relocating a washing machine and dryer yourself isn’t your thing, there are lots of professional movers who can help you out. Contact Pro Interstate Removalists; we have an extensive network of renowned and dependable interstate movers who will transport your possessions, including your appliances, in their original condition with utmost safety. We will help you to make the right move!